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BSDFAS visit to The Imperial War Museum, October 2018




The IWM exhibition to mark the end of the First World War, the “war to end all wars” was very impressive. 


The British Army of 1914 which was sent to France numbered about 120,000 men and was called the “contemptible little army” by Kaiser Wilhelm 11.  The photos show the Royal Horse Artillery delaying the German army allowing the rest of the British army to retreat from Mons; the humour of the men in the trenches; the appalling weather conditions; Kitchener asking more and more men to join the army to replace those lost; the way women were needed and encouraged to take on essential jobs previously carried out by men; Uncle Sam calling on American men to join the American army to join the war and then an Evening Standard poster that peace had been declared.  The last three posters show relief that the war is over but also the need to help disabled service men and also one showing one of the reasons for the rise of the Labour Party.


Other exhibits in the museum included the “moments of silence”, “the trench” which was a mock-up of a trench from the battlefield and “renewal” showing how societies had recovered following the war.


Outside the 9,000 weeping window poppy sculptures by Paul Cummings and Tom Piper were a very moving remembrance for all the men who died and the last photo also shows the poster “Making a New World”.


This was a really worth while visit and the exhibition showed the gratitude we should give to our grand and great-grand parents.


Margaret Fitch









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